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About Dora

Dora the Explorer TV show is a very familiar hit for both children and parents. It is a very engaging and entertaining tool that allows interactive learning. Over and over again, children are entertained with the various adventures like run-ins with Swiper and explorations with friends. With this TV show, there is no need to worry about what your children will learn because the lessons will surely help kids in understanding the importance of patience, acceptance for others who could be somewhat different and knowing the distinction between right and wrong.

With children, it has been proven that interactive learning works well. With Dora talking to viewers as if they are face to face, kids become more engaged and learning is made easier. The show becomes more exciting and informative to the little viewers because of the animated characters and the fun adventures. Kids are also encouraged to develop their problem solving skills because Dora presents little situations with friends leading children to imagine what-ifs. Dora's actions train kids to make generalizations and logical decisions.

Another good thing about the show is the fact that kids are exposed to a foreign language which is Spanish. Dora's demographic features are ways of making the young viewers appreciate foreign descents and races. With this approach, children will come to realize that the world they are living in is filled with a multitude of languages, cultures and races.

There are many interesting animated characters in the show and most of them are instilled in children's minds. The main characters are the following:

1. Dora is the main character. She is a little girl who gets on a trip in every chapter just to help somebody or find something. She introduces short Spanish words and phrases to viewers and asks them to help her find ways to reach places with Map's help.

2. Boots, the monkey, is Dora's best friend. He is very enthusiastic, friendly and wears his favorite red boots at all times. In fact, it is the reason why he got his name. He is present in almost all of Dora's adventures.

3. Swiper, the sneaky fox, is the antagonist of the show. He wears gloves and a blue mask. He always steals or attempts to take away the things that could help Dora in her adventures. Just before he appears, you will always hear and ominous whisking sound which is the reason why Dora is never completely taken by surprise.

4. Backpack is Dora's purple bag who always provides Dora the things that she needs to complete her pursuit.

5. Map stays in Backpack's side pocket, giving advice and guiding Dora during the travel.

6. Isa the Iguana is an expert gardener who loves all kinds of flowers. She is a very close friend of Dora and Boots.

7. Tico the Squirrel is another friend of Dora and Boots who lives in the forest. He speaks Spanish and knows very little English.

Because of the show's extreme value to kids and parents, Dora the Explorer has become a financial success with sales reaching a high $2.5 billion in 2010 alone. If you are a parent looking for cartoons that would teach your kids helpful lessons while entertaining, there is no better show than Dora the Explorer. You will surely be thrilled hearing your kids recite the alphabet, count correctly and speak some foreign words after learning a lot from the show.