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Dora Coloring Pages

Welcome to Dora Coloring Pages! Here you can download lots of fun Dora coloring pages for free. You can also download coloring pages from other characters like Boots, Swiper and more!

How to use... Getting started is very easy! Click on any of the Dora coloring pages below and a new window will automatically open with the enlarge image. Print this enlarge image by pressing "CTRL + P" on your keyboard at the same time or going to "File > Print" on your browser menu usually on the top left corner. Once you have the printed version you can now start coloring and repeat the process :) It's that easy! Have fun coloring!

Dora and Boots Dora and Boots Dora and Boots

Dora Marquez Dora Marquez Dora and Boots

Boots the Monkey Swiper the Fox Tico the Squirrel

Dora and Diego Isa the Iguana Benny the Bull

Map and Backpack Dora and Swiper Dora Boots and Swiper